The Vicissitudes of a Famous Garden——The summer Palace Old Photos Show

    The decades in the late 19th century when photography was first brought to China was a time when the country was undergoing a sea change. As the historical snapshots of the former political center of the last Chinese feudal dynasty and a world-famous tourist attraction , these old photos are not only the records of the historical ethos of the Summer Palace, but also the witnesses and epitome of the rise and fall of modern China.

    The present photo show has carefully selected over 100 old photos of the Summer Palace ranging from the late Qing to the Republic of China Period ,and its purpose is to excavate the Palace’s profound historical culture ,and to utilize history as a mirror to help modern people feel and understand the value of the former imperial palace. The show will also provide visual data for the maintenance of the Palace in its original form, excite patriotic feelings by the sharp contrast between the sad state of affairs in the past and the thriving development of today ,and strengthen our confidence in building an even better tomorrow.