Longevity Hill Spots
Tower Overlooking Flowers and the Glazed Tile Pagoda of Many Treasures(


The Tower Overlooking Flowers and its adjacent structures were built during Emperor Qianlong’s reign (1736-1795). The Anglo-French Allied Forces razed these structures to the ground in 1860. Only the Glazed Tile Pagoda of Many Treasures, the stone carvings, and the foundations of the other buildings survived.

The octahedral Glazed Tile Pagoda of Many Treasures is 16 meters high with seven storeys. Decorated with glazed tiles of seven colors, the body of the pagoda is supported by a white marble base. In front of the pagoda stands a stone monument with inscriptions written by Emperor Qianlong, “An Ode to Longevity Hill and the Pagoda of Many Treasures” carved in four languages: Chinese, Mongolian, Manchurian and Tibetan.